Our company

A few words for us :

Sungrace is more than a common gift company. Sungrace is actually a philosophy!
A philosophy regarding the way that the gift should be given, either from us to you, or from you to your beloved persons.
Have you ever wondered, how the value of the gift should be determined? ”Depending on it’s price”, most people would reply. But, is this accurate?
The answer that we give is, ”not necessarily”. The price is not the biggest indication of a gif’ts value according to us here in Sungrace. That’s because we keep our prices low, having full comprehension of the difficulties that our country is nowadays dealing with…
Thus, the thing that reveals the true value of the product is the intention!
A gift, regardless of it’s size, or it’s prize, acquires true value once it is given with pure love and respect! After all, this is why it has been made for – to bring joy and smile!
With this exact point of view, we work in our company! Creating gifts with much love, innovative designs, smart and non-expensive! Most of our products, includes possitive messages, so that they can inspire you and fill your everyday life with optimism!
Our products are designed in a manner that they remind you and your loved ones, something that we usually forget, as it is hidden behind our problems and obligations…Life is a gift itself! The gratest gift that we had and will have ever have!